Product Name

40kpa Turbo Blower

G15 3kW Series


More Energy Efficient
Implementation of SPA (Smart Pulse Aeration) Technology, patented motor design, and high efficiency impeller, makes G15 Turbo Blower 35% more energy-efficient than conventional blowers in the industry.
More Intelligent
The utilization of Anti-Surge Control, and PLC Multi-Mode Operation enables G15 to be an intelligent blower capable of automated operation and meeting diverse operational demands.
More Compact
Most compact blower in the industry. Overall dimension of 400x300x300mm, and a weight of less than 7.5kg.


SPA (Smart Pulse Aeration) Technology: Compared to continuous aeration, pulse aeration utilizes robust variable speed and flow rate control to create intermittent air blast with of fine bubble clusters, thereby increase the gas-liquid contact area. This not only helps improve Oxygen Transfer Rate but also saves over 25% energy consumption in water aeration application.

Anti-Surge Control: The operating of the turbo blower is monitored at any time by temperature, pressure, speed, electric current and voltage sensors to prevent surge or choke event due to unexpected condition changes.

PLC Multi-Mode Operation: Users can select multiple control mode for operating at demanded power level, flow rate or pressure via touch screen HMI or mobile phone remote control (optional) . Operating data and health status can be checked and recorded.


Compressor Type Centrifugal, Single Stage
Coolant Forced air cooling
Input Voltage 220VAV, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 400 x 300 x 300 mm
Weight <7.5kg
Noise Level <70db
Operation Integrated PLC with Anti-surge control and Multi-mode selection
Service Life >10 year
Maintenance Free 2 years
Input Power Rated 3.5kW, Peak 4kW
Rated Motor Speed 80,000 rpm
Max Pressure 40kpa
Max Flow 7m³/min@26kpa
Converter Power Factor >97%
Overall Efficiency ~75%

G15 3kW Series